Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Olivia's Favorite Things to Do (Usually with Jocelyn)

There's nothing Olivia loves more than playing with Jocelyn and going to the park.  These are pictures from my old school camera that I've been meaning to put on my computer for months, but never have.  Keep in mind, we don't stay home all day like these pictures suggest.  We just always have a camera at home.

Jumping on the bed: of course, the whole time I am singing about 5 monkeys jumping on the bed the entire time.  She also loves jumping with Jocelyn and she loves it too.

When John's parents came to stay at my house, we had the girls sleep in our room so they could take the girls' room.  We brought Jocelyn's crib mattress into our room for Olivia to sleep on.  Most nights, she couldn't stay on the mattress.  She slept in this position every night.

When John's parents came over, we set up two new bookshelves that, of course, Olivia had to help us with.  Instead of giving her a real hammer, we gave her the meat one instead.  And she was actually pretty good!

Olivia always has to wave bye bye to everyone.  She also loves to wait for her Daddy to come home from school.  To prepare herself, she got on her Cinderella dress, pulled up a chair, and was reading her book while waiting.

The corner of Olivia's room is perfect for forts.  She loves to pile up all her stuffed animals and sleep on them!  Usually Jocelyn is along for the ride too.

Olivia reading books to Jocelyn:

As much as I brag about being super organized, I'm not nearly like Olivia!  It must be in her blood (from her father's side) because she loves lining things up.  I'm pretty sure I've shown it before in previous posts.  But here she is lining up all her library books.

I'm pretty sure Olivia and Jocelyn throw food under the table during meal time on purpose so that they can eat it later.  Either that or Olivia brings food under the table to feed Jocelyn.  Don't worry.  I do sweep my floor more often than I brush my teeth, so you don't have to worry about them eating week-old bananas.

Playing under the bed.

I don't know why I allow this to happen, but everyday my kids take all my kitchen stuff out of the bottom cabinets:

And then they crawl inside.  As annoying as it is to clean up all the pots and pans and bowls and having them in my tiny kitchen while I'm cleaning, it's worth it to keep them occupied while I prepare dinner.

And yes, I do clean all my dishes again right before I use them, just in case you were wondering.

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